First-Time Homebuying Reaches 15-Year High

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First-Time Homebuying Reaches 15-Year High

Exercise and healthy eating have always been important, but have become a more recent trend with organic juice joints popping up around the U.S. as well as consumers opting to ride their bike instead of drive. Though this seems like it would be more of a millennial trend, recent findings by A Place for Mom, a senior living referral service, show seniors prefer to live in walkable neighborhoods.

According to the report, by 2020 approximately 56 million Americans will be over the age of 65, meaning that many will be moving to senior housing and care, but also that they could be moving to areas with better walkability

Hint: It’s not in Seattle. High buyer demand and low housing supply are driving up home values and prices all over the country. But not all high prices look the same. According to a new report from the National Association of Realtors released on Monday, single-family home sales last month were up 6.6 percent nationwide from June 2016, with the median price rising to $266,200. That may be shocking for other places in the country, but it’s not exactly making many U.S. metros quake in their boots. It’s definitely not startling to the Seattle area – and not because it’s “high.” According to the last Northwest Multiple Listing Services report, the latest median sale price for single-family homes in the city was an astounding $750,000.

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