From humble beginning come great Profiteers! In this real-time party game for Apple TV, up to nine players compete for control of an ever so small city.

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Meet the Wordies! With the help of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple, anyone can conquer dyslexia!

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SquadStarter! The perfect way to make plans with your friends. SquadStarter makes use of a voting system to remove indecision and make plans happen faster.

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Yellow Watermelon

Yellow Watermelon, the future of music. With a unique voting system, democracy rules and the most popular songs rise to the top in your personal Watermelon Party.

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Who We Are

Astrovus was founded in May 2015 by two high school students, Ryan Rice and Tanner Hoke.

Ryan Rice

Ryan is a Freshman at Stanford University. He is in charge of design at Astrovus and specializes in front end development.

Tanner Hoke

Tanner is a Senior at Boerne High School. He specializes in back end development and architecture.