From humble beginnings come great Profiteers!

A Profiteering Party

Profits is a party game for up to 9 players built for AppleTV. Profiteers compete for precious resources in an ever so small city in an attempt to create an economic empire.

Businesses, Houses, and Mills are the building blocks of Profiteering empires. Starting with some pocket change, Profiteers must expand their gold and lumber stores as well as their population in an attempt to conquer other players. Profiteers achieve victory by accumulating an large gold sum or driving their competitors out of business.

Profits Remote

The key to Profiteering glory lies in your smartphone. Download the free Profits Remote to begin your Profiteering quest!

Built for AppleTV

Profits lies in your TV, so grab some fellow Profiteers and begin your quest!


Controlled by iPhone

Control your empire right from the palm of your hand!