Yellow Watermelon

The Future of Music

Democracy Rules

Yellow Watermelon employs a voting system so that the most popular songs rise to the top and are played first. Start a Watermelon Party and add songs from either Apple Music or Spotify and begin listening. Then just have friends join to start voting. The aux cord will never be the same again.

Yellow is the new Red

Yellow Watermelon? That's right. We wanted something that would embody the uniqueness of our app and a yellow watermelon was the perfect candidate. In fact, we loved it so much we not only named our app after it, but every melon in the party get their own unique color!

Watermelon Party

Invite your friends to start a watermelon party and enjoy music together.

Coming Soon

Democractic Aux Cord

Or DJ. Or bluetooth speaker. Yellow Watermelon can be used for any occasion!

Coming Soon